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Thursday, February 5, 2009

going beyond borders


jersey iggy exclaims: "to literacy and beyond!"

she was at fortuitous faery's favorite bookstore, borders, last night. although she lives close to one (two, actually) in her own neighborhood, she decided to drop by this branch in livingston, new jersey.

this store is not just for book-lovers, but also for people looking to buy DVDs, music, cards and stationery, games and gift items. inside almost every borders store is a seattle's best coffee nook where people can read and sip a hot cup of coffee...with wi-fi provided by t-mobile.


borders is based in ann arbor, michigan and operates around 1,100 stores worldwide, in countries such as australia, singapore, malaysia, oman, the UK & UAE.

miss iggy was browsing her favorite aisle: the travel section. she wants to go to mexico.

lonely planet mexico

miss iggy came home happy because she snagged bargain postcard booklets of new jersey and atlantic lighthouses. miss iggy loves bargains!


Dennis Villegas said...

o panay ang pasyal ni miss igorota! ganda pa ng mga pictures!

Lin said...

I LOVE Borders!

roentarre said...

Quite an educational trip today!

lunaticg said...

Do you bring your doll everywhere?
Or is it you?
See you around again.

fortuitous faery said...

dennis & roentarre: thanks!

lin: me too! that's why i have a borders rewards card...love 'em coupons in the email!

lunaticg: hello! the answer to your question is yes to both! haha. there's 6 of us traveling with this doll in different locations. i reckon you're new in this blog. :P

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