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Saturday, February 28, 2009

the magic of macy's


jersey iggy lives close to a macy's department store which is located at the rockaway townsquare mall in new jersey. macy's is an american department store chain whose flagship store is at herald square in manhattan. macy's prides itself for its annual thanksgiving day parade at herald square which features extravagant and fun character floats.

macy's was founded by rowland h. macy in 1858. last year, macy's celebrated its 150th anniversary. it declares itself as "the world's largest store" (referring to the one at herald square), but wikipedia states that it's now tied with harrod's in london in terms of store size.

macy's signature color is red, and its signature logo is the red star. february is american heart month, and macy's is a proud national sponsor of the "go red for women" movement which aims to promote heart disease awareness.

movie trivia: the original film "miracle on 34th street" was set in macy's store at herald square (because it literally is on 34th street in new york city), but its 1994 remake was set in a fictional "cole's department store" when macy's refused the filmmakers to use its name.

p.s. those are birds perched on the letters of the macy's sign.


I am Harriet said...

I think that birds live in the Macy's sign at every mall in America.

I heard there is a good sale going on there today. Did Miss I get anything?

fortuitous faery said...

there's always a sale at macy's somehow! hehe. this photo was actually during the "wear red" day at macy's. miss iggy didn't get anything, although i wore red. haha.

Gem said...

I hope miss iggy won't think of changing her igorot costume.

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