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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Major "Dodo"


This golden Dodo is a gift by Mauritius to the United Nations. This strange-looking, flightless bird was uniquely endemic or native to Mauritius in the 1600's, but became extinct less than a hundred years later.

The dodo is a lesson in extinction and is the source of the expressions "as dead as a dodo" and "going the way of the dodo." No, we wouldn't want our endangered species to end up like the dodo!

The dodo appears on Mauritius' coat of arms.

This is just one of the gifts by Member States on display inside the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Have you seen the beautiful painting from the Philippines that Miss Iggy loves?


I am Harriet said...

Miss Iggy!
Someone has their hand on your legs. Is that person helping you see the golden Dodo?

roentarre said...

This is an extremely cute golden bird!

A little comical though. Real deal?

MyKitty said...

The golden Dodo is really cute and lovely...., and WOW it's larger than you, Miss Iggy!

Cheers! :)

fortuitous faery said...

harriet: haha, yes, she had VIP, err, VID (very important DOLL) i should say--treatment inside the UN, thanks to a friend who works there! :)

roentarre: sadly, this bird has gone extinct. you can check the wiki link on "dodo" if you're interested.

mykitty: miss iggy is discovering what a big world it is around her! thanks!

Gattina said...

Indeed it looks a little strange almost like a cartoon figur

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