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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

miss iggy goes to the movies

jersey iggy wanted to see what all the oscar fuss was about with "slumdog millionaire," so she went on sunday afternoon to the local amc movie theater to see it.


just as she was getting her free soda and popcorn at the concession stand, the fire alarm went off so everyone had to evacuate the building. miss iggy got to see some fire truck commotion for about five minutes, then people were allowed to return to the movie house and resume their movie-watching.


the amc theater in rockaway, new jersey has 16 theaters and is very spacious and clean. very inviting to film buffs and conveniently close to miss iggy's jersey home.


miss iggy loved "slumdog millionaire!" so did fortuitous faery...you can read her movie review here.


miss iggy was thirsting for some "milk." hehe. she's happy that sean penn won an oscar for "best actor."

this was how the movie theater looked like post-faux fire alarm.

amc rockaway

has any of you seen "slumdog millionaire"? what do you think of the movie?


I am Harriet said...

Is Miss Iggy a Diet Coke kind of gal?
I'm glad she had a good time despite the fire alarm. Thank goodness it wasn't a real fire- poor Miss Iggy :(

fortuitous faery said...

miss iggy is an every soda kind of gal, really. hehe.

and yes, thank god it wasn't a real fire!

Gem said...

I was also curious with that slumdog millionaire movie - after dominating the oscars! I hope I can get to watch that movie soon.

fortuitous faery said...

gem: yes, go see it when you get the chance! you'll understand why it won all those oscars! :)

Gem said...

@fortuitous faery
And many people are really surprised, this movie will surely have additional earnings aside from its box office earnings.

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