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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Night walks in Singapura

After attending a 2 hour-long (now jokingly termed as 'penance mass', but that's another story altogether) after-office Ash Wednesday mass at City Hall, Singapurple Iggy tagged along to our favourite fish and chips dining place: Fishermen's Wharf along New Bridge Road (in front of Central@Clark Quay). This place is a favourite hangout for crowds of young people (so why are we here again? heh). Given the situation (it's very near the 'night scene and bars' area of Singapore--Clarke Quay), we'd say it's where one can hang out first before proceeding to the bars, to get their fill of waay cheaper beer and food (so you'll tend to order less afterwards. hehe). After dinne,r we walked around parts of the Clarke Quay promenade to check out this curious sight called GMAX reverse bungee (also along the river). Then we walked the whole stretch of Hill St. towards our bus stop on our way back, at times stopping to take pictures along the city's historical district.

the Central@Clark Quay (yes, they're not not creative with naming malls).
It's got this quirky planning that aspires to be a miniature Harajuku. Don't be surprised if you see these all dressed up (more like costumed) youngsters flocking there on weekends-- in drones. Prepare to share your bus seat with a Kakashi Hakate wannabe (it can get better--try a bus full of Kakashi's.)

GMAX reverse bungee jumping is your "tirador" (slingshot) fantasy coming to life, with you as guest star (i wonder--does situating this beside the river amount to a safety measure?--so that it won't hurt that much. heh) .

at the other side of the river is the newly revamped Clarke Quay. Now they have

her purpleness gets a crash course on bus routes and bus stops in the city.

Fort Canning Park is Singapore's timid response to 'UP Sunken Garden' and 'UST Carpark, infront of the hospital' --> where the magic happens. It's all wholesome in daylight, of course.

Civil Defense Heritage Gallery. The fire department--'museum-ised'. Freaky, eh?

Tired from all the walking, Miss Iggy calls it a night. Background (L-R) is Fairmont Singapore, Swissotel and Stamford House.


fortuitous faery said...

it all feels vaguely british with all those old english spellings: "defence", for instance.

singapurple iggy looks fine! just needs a little more lip color! hehe.

the bungee-jumping contraption looks scary! has nobody gotten hurt there? :P

fortuitous faery said...

oh, and i see her little "bayong!" haha

The Becky said...


On the British thang-- they seem to be the only colonised country in the region that truly loved their colonisers. heh. And I still mix em' spellings up. maygad.

and oh--the bayong I have to bring for her 'protection' (from me, i guess).

~*~ Badet ~*~ said...

@fortuitous faery, this is because they were under British colony. =)

Have you seen the Raffles area? More British influences there when it comes to structures.

Thanks for touring us to Clark Quay, great photos as usual. =)


the donG said...

now she's at the famous clarke quay!

Angie R said...

I like to hang out there too! This area is bright and tourisy and vibrant at night. It's a place you won't feel lonely even if you're alone.

BTW, you've been tagged! It's an easy photo meme tag. Pls head over to my site to check it out! :-) Angie

Marie Reed said...

Don't worry Mr. Twain! I am certainly a traveler through this blog and Miss Iggy! I gave up coffee for lent and am having a hard time with it!

Dennis Villegas said...

ow miss iggy touring the streets of singapore! mukhang mahinhin si miss iggy ano? hehehe..cute nya ha?

gingmaganda said...

i am liking miss iggy's face up. hehe.

Filipina blogger in SG said...

Ohh didn't know miss iggy was in town! Hope u had a wonderful time in Sg.

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