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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

mr. iggy at sta. lucia east grand mall

sta. lucia east grand mall

mr. iggy at the sta. lucia east grand mall--cainta, rizal's first ever shopping mall.

sta. lucia east grandmall is at the crossroads of cainta, pasig, marikina, and antipolo and is a favorite transit point for commuters from these places on their way to quezon city. hopefully it will have its very own train station in the near future. loyal mallgoers refer to the place simply as, "santa lu".


fortuitous faery said...

ahhh...i've so many fond memories of sta. lu! and remember when it used to be just one building? then it expanded and people had to distinguish between the "old building" and the "new building!" hehe.

Marie Reed said...

I wonder what she wants to buy! This is such a darling idea! I'm becoming very attatched to Miss Iggy!

Dennis Villegas said...

I've been to this mall only once..nice place, really.

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