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Friday, March 6, 2009

every juan to t3 (terminal 3)


miss iggy was thrilled to fly from the shiny and spacious terminal 3 of the ninoy aquino international airport (NAIA) in manila last december to visit south cotabato in the isle of mindanao. here she is at the bust of the late benigno "ninoy" aquino, jr., after whom the airport was renamed (formerly known as the manila international airport) to commemorate his assassination here in 1983.


terminal 3 services all domestic flights as well as international flights of such local airlines as philippine airlines, cebu pacific, and seair. gingmaganda first brought miss iggy here back in august for a trip to boracay. i'm sure the becky also went through this airport for her recent boracay honeymoon.

checking in

the check-in process was a breeze (the giant, pink thing above is a christmas "parol" lantern), but when miss iggy had to eat a quick lunch before boarding, she was disappointed by the absence of decent dining tables and chairs at their small food court upstairs. people had to eat either standing up with food propped on those tall "dining desks," or sitting down in benches with their food tray on their laps. not very comfortable at all! hopefully the food court has changed by now for the better.


Gem said...

Looks like it is a great adventure.. around the Philippines eh?

fortuitous faery said...

for this particular trip: mindanao, actually. but ultimately for the sisterhood: the world! :)

Sidney said...

I didn't saw the new airport yet...hopefully next week !
It looks nice.

levian said...

eat while standing? wow that is uncomfortable. n btw, my EC is up on your place. :D

the donG said...

i learned about the ninoy statue lately. havent seen it yet.

fortuitous faery said...

sidney: where are you off to? looking forward to your fab photos to wherever that maybe!

levian: it was incovenient, indeed. thanks for putting up your EC ad with us!

the dong: and i hear ninoy is on the headlines again because his "killers" have recently been released from jail.

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