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Friday, March 20, 2009

U.N. General Assembly and Security Council

Jersey Iggy was lucky to have had a free personal tour inside the U.N. Headquarters in New York, thanks to a friend who works there (Thanks, V!). She had this special pass that let her linger in some areas inside without having to follow a tour guide. Since it was barely Spring when she went there, the visitors weren't that many. She can only imagine how crowded it can get in summer.

general assembly

She got to sit inside the General Assembly, a very important part of the UN. Every September-December, sessions are held here with all 192 member states' representatives in attendance to discuss issues on international law and make non-binding recommendations to member states. To learn more about the functions of the General Assembly, click here.

security council

Here, Miss Iggy stands outside the Security Council, another organ created by the U.N. Charter. Its main purpose is "the maintenance of international peace and security." She didn't get to take a peek inside, though.

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Ken said...

Oh now! It's like Miss Iggy had a mugshot!

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