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Monday, April 6, 2009

crazy for carambola

last december, miss iggy checked out the backyard at fortuitous faery's grandfather's house in polomolok, south cotabato (philippines) to admire the plants and trees that grow abundantly in it.

she stumbled upon a tree bearing carambola or star fruit. in tagalog, this fruit is known as "balimbing." when you slice this fruit cross-wise, it's shaped like a star.

the word "balimbing" has evolved in the philippines to refer to a person with suspect loyalty, an infidel, multi-faceted, like the way its namesake fruit is shaped. don't be one!


Sidney said...

I learned something new today!
Will try to remember this word... balimbing... I am sure I will be able to use is frequently... :-(

roentarre said...

I just came back from an overseas trip and discovered that you had seen some beautiful parts of the world!

Sardonyx said...

Oh I didn't know that carambola is balimbing hehehe, I miss balimbing na! Namiss ko palang bumalik dito sa blog mo hehehe

fortuitous faery said...

sidney: try to stay away from the balimbing people. :P

roentarre: welcome back! and thanks!

sardonyx: salamat sa pagdalaw! :)

the donG said...

i miss balimbing. i dont find this here in manila. i also didnt know it's called carambola. i believe carambola also refers to being clumsy.

Vera said...

There were lots of balimbing where we used to live, we enjoyed eating those as kids. :)

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