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Saturday, April 18, 2009

miss iggy meets shoney bear

when hunger strikes on the road, miss iggy stops by a food joint in one of the nearest exits off the interstate highway. this was where she ate at in battleboro, north carolina: shoney's.

their restaurant offers you the choice of either ordering from their menu of american staples, or sample everything on their reasonably-priced buffet. miss iggy chose the latter, because the buffet includes steak. over all, the flavors left much to be desired, but jersey iggy had to hurry back on the road. she was refueled, that's what mattered.

she left the restaurant with a new furry friend: shoney bear. he looked all spunky with his red cap and matching hoodie sweater. i guess you can say he dresses up smarter than your average bear.


Joy said...

I've never heard of Shoney's. Thanks for sharing. I'll swing by and try their food one time :-)

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Enjoy the weekend and come back tomorrow!

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roentarre said...

that bear doll is so cute!

I am Harriet said...

Miss Iggy.
He's cute!

I haven't been to Shoney's in years! I hope had a great meal there.

Daisy said...

ohh totally love your blog! This is so cute all the places you've been in with that cute dolly. I added your button to my banner blog (if you have a bigger banner tho you can add yours) And I'd like to invite you too to my blog and if you like you can follow me and I will follow you - that's my rule. 8)

fortuitous faery said...

joy: thanks for dropping by!

roentarre & harriet: thanks! shoney bear is cute and little iggy likes him too.

daisy: thanks for visiting and we appreciate the linkie love!

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