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Monday, April 20, 2009

SingapurpleIggy@Sentosa Island

It's official. Singapurple Iggy loves the beach. Easter Sunday saw her purple highness strolling the imported (oh yes, it is!) white sands of Sentosa Island for the annual TSOLEYT* Easter Egg Hunting. Now--"Sentosa", which means peace and tranquility in Malay--receives 5 million visitors annually. This is a must-stop for tourists, which boasts of different attractions, like the luge, cable cars, Sentosa express train, fort siloso, dolphin lagoon, animal shows (for free!), family accommodations, two five star hotels and upcoming Resorts World which will feature Universal Studios Singapore. While the beach water is incomparable to Boracay or Phuket even, the resort makes up for such loss by bringing in oh-so pampered convenience and various activities for everyone.

see all these signs? that's Singapore for you. heh.
they even show you where to swim! unbelievable.

While some people are not too happy with this too 'high-tech, borderline artificial' development --oh well, each to his own. You came to this beach to relax anyway, so why are you whining? :P

*Ze Becky's group of friends. responsible for late Sunday mornings, motherhood/marriage/boys counselling on Saturdays, annual events, outrageous costumes and an increase of the Singapore population by .05%.


fortuitous faery said...

wow! looks like jersey iggy isn't the only one who hit the beach! look at those kayakers! koool!

this is lomoness, correct? :P

roentarre said...

This is such a beautiful place and sure that you have fun here!

the donG said...

all the iggys might have somethng in common. and that can be the beach. maybe partly because there's no beach in the cordilleras.

Elmira said...

Hi, an interesting blog. Singapore is just 5 hours away from KL:-)

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