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Thursday, April 2, 2009

times are tough

...for the newspaper industry lately. some major cities' daily papers are starting to fold up as a result of the crisis still bogging down the economy. the crisis has decreased newspaper subscriptions, forcing some newspaper companies to shut down.

miss iggy is outside the new york times building in manhattan, hoping this newspaper giant withstands the situation.


Shey said...

Nice pose. Miss Iggy is up to date with the newsies.

It's really sad that this is happening. Hope it ends soon. HOPEFUL still.

Have a great day!

roentarre said...

I subscribe new york times. So this is a great moment for me to see!

the donG said...

i didnt know that even the media will be affected by this. so sad.

fortuitous faery said...

shey: thanks! miss iggy tries to keep up with the news...good and bad. although, ideally, it's better to focus on the good ones.

roentarre: cool!

dong: yes, it's the sad truth.

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