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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Miss Iggy and the Blue Mosque

After seeing the Blue Mosque on countless postcards in souvenir shops, Miss Iggy knew she had to go and see it for herself. 

Hmm... it doesn't really look that blue, Miss Iggy pondered. The tour guide explained that the mosque's original name is Sultan Ahmet Camii, but received the unofficial name "Blue Mosque" from tourists because of the tens of thousands of blue tiles in the interior walls. 

Euro Iggy was amazed at its grandness: it has more minarets than any other Istanbul mosque, a courtyard that's bigger than all other Ottoman mosques, 260 windows and a central prayer space that can host thousands of worshippers. 

Wash area where worshippers have to wash themselves before praying


roentarre said...

Wow, you are travelling around the world! I would love to see a blue morsque myself!

the donG said...

that's in my bucketlist. simply because we have a coffee table book here about istanbul. including the book that i read about aladdin's lamp found there. it's fiction.

fortuitous faery said...

i have a postcard of this place, meanwhile, miss iggy's actually in it! wow!

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