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Saturday, May 2, 2009

myrtle beach at last!

miss iggy felt victorious reaching myrtle beach vicinity. she stopped by the visitor's center to grab some brochures and coupons for myrtle beach attractions and shopping/dining places. fortuitous faery almost got backed up into by their car after taking this shot. the iggy sisterhood works hard to bring you these photos!

by the way, today is the much-awaited boxing match between the philippine's "national fist" (pambansang kamao) manny "pacman" pacquiao and british contender ricky "hitman" hatton in las vegas. it technically airs on sunday morning, philippine time, though. it's a time zone thing.

and last but not least, this month marks miss igorota's first blogoversary! that's right, miss iggy's been globe-trotting for a year! isn't that amazing? the girls at the sisterhood think so, too...so watch out for a little give-away here soon!


SaGaDa-iGoRoT said...

SEND THE DOLL to CHICAGO! hehehe. we're travelling to holland, michigan in 2 weeks and we'd like to have miss igorota with us. it would be a blast, hehehe.

cheers and have a blessed weekend.

Sreisaat said...

Oh wow, happy anniversary sa ating lahat! hehehehe. And thank goodness you are alright. Ingat lagi.
It looks like someone is interested to take Miss Iggy to Holland, da Nether... este, Holland, Michigan pala... *lol* Is she going? :)

the donG said...

advance happy blogoversary! im glad to take part in this month's special celebration.

The Becky said...

huwaw! happy anniblogsary sa ating lahat. :)

fortuitous faery said...

sagada-igorot: miss iggy sure can't wait to have a photo with the "bean"! have fun in holland! err, michigan! :)

sreisaat and the becky: yehey, happy blogoversary!

dong: thanks for being one of our regular visitors!

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