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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

miss iggy and steffl

Miss Iggy at the St. Stephen's Cathedral

Vienna Vixen Iggy is happy to share with you a few things about Stephansdom or St. Stephen's Cathedral:

- it is the seat of the Archbishop of Vienna
- it has 23 bells, the largest one called the Pummerin, hanging at the north tower
- the south tower is 136 meters tall, while the north tower is only 68 meters tall
- St. Stephen's feast day is on December 26, a holiday in Vienna
- in the church's basement, catacombs and crypts can be found
- the Stephansdom appears on the Austrian 10 cent coin as well as the packaging of Manner wafers (apparently the church allowed the wafer company to use the cathedral's image as their logo, in exchange the company would pay the salary of one stone mason doing repair work)

1 comment:

fortuitous faery said...

i'm thinking this is one of the must-see places in vienna. gorgeous church!

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