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Sunday, May 17, 2009

miss iggy between europe and asia

When in Istanbul, going on a trip along the Bosphorus strait is a must. Of course, Euro Iggy just had to go on that ferry trip that would take her from Europe to Asia and back!

The ferry docks at EminönĂ¼, where Miss Iggy and friends had an afternoon snack of fish sandwiches, the quintessential Istanbul snack, from one of these boats:

After that filling snack of fried fish on bread with salad, Miss Iggy went on the ferry that would take her along the Bosphorus strait to the border of the Black Sea, and back.

Miss Iggy and the Bosphorus bridge

The Bosphorus strait, also known as Istanbul strait, forms the boundary between the European and Asian parts of Turkey.

It was a marvelous experience for Miss Iggy. Where else can you look to your left and see Europe and then look to your right and see Asia?


fortuitous faery said...

rhymes with phosphorus! haha...sorry, can't help but point that out! also, it looks like miss iggy is enjoying the ride!

Princess Ody said...

haha, it totally does!

miss iggy did have a lot of fun! it was really cold though, but she was a real trooper and gamely posed for a picture!

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