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Saturday, May 16, 2009

savannah's river street

savannah, georgia is right by the river, and you shouldn't miss river street. it's lined with shops that sell local products such as glazed pecans and other sweets.

if you're not in the mood for shopping, there are street performers that keep you entertained as you stroll along the park by the river. you can also cruise along savannah river on one of their ferry boats, if you wish. it's worth waiting for the sunset by the river.


Dennis Villegas said...

Miss Igorota travels a lot! It seems she doesn't miss Baguio at all ;)

fortuitous faery said...

dennis: oh she does miss baguio...that's why she travels, makes her feel less sad! :)

ian said...

i hope miss igorota liked savannah! i love savannah, with its quaint squares, restored homes, its sense of history. did you get to take the ghost tour? hehe

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