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Monday, May 11, 2009

seeking sandier pastures

another day at myrtle beach...

where someone had left their heart on the sand...

perhaps while beach-combing the grand strand.

*P.S. happy birthday to our miss iggy correspondent in singapore: the becky!


Sreisaat said...

Inggit kami kay Jersey Iggy at nakapag-beach na. Khmer Iggy and I are pining for the sun, sand and the sea, too... Stranded kami sa bahay most of the time kasi halos araw-araw umuulan dito.

Happy birthday, The Becky!
From Khmer Iggy and me

the donG said...

whoa! so she enjoy being tan.

New Morden world – A Travel Blog said...

Nice one to seeing enjoy on a beach. Great Idea.

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