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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


miss iggy got to experience fastfood, drive-in style (the way americans invented it) at myrtle beach. it's not the same as drive-through, because at sonic, it's like pulling into a gas station where you pump yourself with sonic burgers and tater tots!

you order through a voice box from the menu right on your parking spot then wait for someone to deliver your food. if you're lucky, your waiter might be on rollerblades! you can either eat inside your car or sit on the tables outside. we chose the latter dining option, because it was a gorgeous day that time!

miss iggy wished there's a sonic close to her area. there's almost none in new jersey save for maybe a couple in south jersey. that means she has to drive hours for a sonic craving. sonic is mostly in the southern states. shucks.

1 comment:

the donG said...

it simply means that it's really worth the long drive.

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