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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

...of birthdays, sleepovers, exes and the Singapore River

Her Royal Purpleness Singapurple Iggy went for Becky's 'birthday sleep-over' at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront, along the Singapore River. Upon check-in, they were informed that they won't be staying in the (standard) room they booked for. They were instead 'upgraded' to the Club Room (reads: high floor, spacious, *winks* with bath tub)--thanks to the birthday girl's 'publicity' hint at the comments section of the booking form (her essay of a comment summarizes: birthday, newly wed, blogger). nice, noh? :P

miss iggy enjoying the birthday cake at past midnight.
(compliments of the hotel. yay.)

VCD cover for the birthday girl. Can you spot Miss Iggy?

posing with new found friend "Choya"--a Kimmi Doll
(Miss Iggy: yeah--she likes to keep to herself. 'brooding effect' ba. :P )

The next day: Post-breakfast buffet, Miss Iggy walked off a hearty meal along the river. You can actually take a river taxi from the back of the hotel, and go around the city via the river. The Becky has tried this twice and recommends it to both tourists or locals alike.

On the other hand, maybe Miss Iggy took gingmaganda's standing order seriously: that if ever we see her *eherm* ex here in Singapore--we'll throw him into the river. :)


Dennis Villegas said...

looks like Miss Iggy has been enjoying herself traveling a lot! Happy Birthday to Miss Becky!

fortuitous faery said...

yes, i see two iggys! i also see blythe and all those ugly dolls/monsters! it's a cool cartoon! deserves to be mounted on the wall!

how lucky for you to enjoy the perks of being a blogger/newlywed/birthday girl!

Sidney said...

Lucky you !
And Happy Birthday to Becky !

Princess Ody said...

susyality na birthday celebration!

the donG said...

the vcd cover is really great! who did the art?

fortuitous faery said...

dong: the becky's husband doodled it! ain't it amazing?

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