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Monday, June 1, 2009

birthday wishes for princess ody in vienna

on behalf of the sisterhood of the traveling igorota, jersey iggy sends these flowers to our "royal" correspondent in vienna celebrating her birthday today--princess ody!

princess ody has traveled with euro iggy/vienna vixen iggy to exquisite destinations (apart from her homebase in austria) such as greece, germany, and turkey! she's quite the cosmopolitan correspondent! of course, miss iggy enjoys that!

have an enchanting day!


sailormoon said...

happy, happy, happy birthday princess ody!!! from mr. iggy and me :)

Princess Ody said...

thank you, sisterettes!

Sreisaat said...

Princess Ody, habol kami ni Khmer Iggy sa pagbati -- Suosdei Bon Chhnam Kaeut!Happy birthday - may you be blessed with more blessings and happiness :)

Zarah and Khmer Iggy

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