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Thursday, June 4, 2009

miss iggy about town

to native benguet folk, going to baguio city (the province's tourist capital) is referred to as going to "town":

one can ride a jeepney:


have a sumptuous meal at the famous Rose Bowl Restaurant along Harrison Road:


check out bargains at the local second-hand shops near Burnham Park:


and for the civic-oriented:


walking around town you might see bits of art on the street:



downtown in baguio is vibrant as ever!


Badet said...

I heart Baguio because of its weather. Too bad news in Baguio tells a lot about violence lately.

fortuitous faery said...

cool street mosaic! somebody need a hand?

Ely said...

Thanks for posting the photos!!! I miss Baguio, I miss going to "town"! Wish I could visit my second home real soon...

Anonymous said...

Just dropping by to say Hi
I been there only once,

Proud to be PINOY


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