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Saturday, July 25, 2009

eire iggy in the city centre

o'connell street is dublin's main street, and is one of europe's widest streets.
eason was originally founded in 1819, and this is their flagship store in o'connell street
built and opened in 1919 - famous for its huge collection of books
and stationeries with four shopping floors to wear one down,
not to mention its giant clock that chimes every quarter of an hour.

eire iggy is sitting on the front seat of dublin bus' double decker's upper saloon.
this is the junction of o'connell street and parnell street,
and on the right is a memorial obelisk and a statue of charles stewart parnell,
Irish parliamentarian & campaigner for Land Rights and Home Rule for Ireland.

partly seen here is the famous spire of dublin in the middle of o'connell street.
its official name is the Monument of Light, but is also fondly referred to as the stiletto in the ghetto.
this stainless steel pin-like structure stands at 120 meters high (390 ft),
and is the world's tallest sculpture. it has a base of 3m which is lit at night
and it narrows to 15 cm at the top. the last 12 meters of the structure is illuminated at night
to provide a beacon across the city.


fortuitous faery said...

i'm loving o'connell street just by the sound of the name! haha. books and stationery, you say? sounds like i can have a field day there!

i see a sign of the "bodies" exhibit! didn't know they had it elsewhere other than the one in the bodies museum at south street seaport in NYC.

that monument proves that heels can keel. oops. i mean "kill." haha!

thanks for taking us (and the smiley miss iggy) to dublin's city centre!

fortuitous faery said...

oooh, just checked eason on the web. it reminds me of borders. :P

Sreisaat said...

That's a nice stroll along O'Conell Street. I wonder if it's the same street where some scenes from the movie "Falling Slowly" was shot? Glen Hansard is hot, and Khmer Iggy agrees with me! :)

ms firefly said...

i love borders conell, and it's so sad that the only shop they have here in ireland is closing down, it's very close to where i live! :(

@sreisaat, funny but i've never heard of falling slowly, so i looked it up in youtube, and i fell in love instantly! ^-^ that was Grafton Street where he was playing on the street, it's the main shopping area in the city centre. but there's a scene (overview with the dublin bus) of o'connell bridge shown at the edge of o'connell st. that bridge is the only bridge in europe that is wider than it is long.

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