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Friday, August 7, 2009

miss iggy in amsterdam

Miss Iggy was charmed by the famed Amsterdam houses along the canals. They're narrow, have gables and tip forward. Apparently the forward lean doesn't just make the houses seem larger, but also makes it easier to lift objects up and into the house through the windows. Since the staircases are pretty narrow, an easy way of moving furniture was developed by putting hoists into the gable for lifting the objects. The tilt prevents the furniture from bumping into the housefront. 

Pretty and practical!


fortuitous faery said...

what interesting trivia about those houses! i bet not every tourist bothers to know that when visiting amsterdam! :P

ms firefly said...

i have a pic of myself in exactly the same place where miss iggy is, taken 3 years ago:

no two building are exactly the same in amsterdam city centre, and they're an attraction by themselves alone.

great trivia princess ody!

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