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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Miss Igorota at Hotel Cambodiana

Khmer Iggy saying soksabay! to the sisterettes from the Hotel Cambodiana.

Hotel Cambodiana

Located along the banks of the mighty Mekong River, Hotel Cambodiana is the preferred venue of many international organisations in Cambodia for conferences and workshops. Apart from its five-star facilities, Hotel Cambodiana houses the Mekong Garden Restaurant which is known for its buffet lunch -- a mouth-watering selection of international cuisine and of course, Khmer and other Asian delights. Khmer Iggy tagged along with me when I had a business meeting there, and, after the deal had been sealed, we were treated to a sumptuous lunch at the Mekong Garden Restaurant. The buffet lunch is pegged at $18/person, but we're glad that lunch was on the house. Yes, I know, we are cheapskates! *lol* We were seated on a section with a commanding view of the confluence of the Mekong, Tonle Sap and Bassac rivers. Miss Iggy loved the experience and wishes to go back there again.


fortuitous faery said...

khmer iggy is living la vida cambodiana! :) good to hear from you!

Sidney said...

You travel a lot... lucky you !

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