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Monday, September 21, 2009

Painting The Town Pink

Miss Iggy isn't just all about leisurely travel. She decided to put her best foot forward by joining the 8th Annual Saint Clare's Walk for Breast Cancer Awareness in Rockaway, New Jersey on a gorgeous Sunday morning this September. See Miss Iggy's pink ribbon? The 5km walk is also a fundraiser to support the cancer care facility of Saint Clare's Hospital in Denville.

Mr. Iggy himself has walked for Down Syndrome in Manila last March.

It was like a pink fiesta with all the pink balloons and shirts, even dogs in pink costumes. The walk was led by a group of cancer survivors, then followed by each team. Miss Iggy joined a team of Filipino nurses who participated in this walk for the first time...just like Miss Iggy herself!

The ADD Systems Team ranked number one by raising $17, 000! With such a huge amount of money in donations, this walk inspired everyone that we're steps closer to a cure for breast cancer--because everyone deserves to be in the "pink of health."


Sidney said...

A worthy cause !
Good you participated !

LinGZ said...

I love the concept and everything about your blog. I love Miss Iggy. How i wish I could be like her- to travel a lot.
Magandang araw sa inyo.

fortuitous faery said...

sidney: worthy and fun! :)

lingz: thanks for visiting!

Jennifer said...

I was there! I didn't see you?! I was in the team "The Pink Ladies" and was the top fundraiser for the whole event! A beautiful day and an even more beautiful event. Happy travels!!

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