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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pink Monkey Business

Pink Monkey

Jersey Iggy befriended a pink primate in Chicago recently. It's actually a birthday gift/Chicago souvenir to Fortuitous Faery. The pink monkey had a Chicago Bears (NFL) logo on its shirt and a pink ribbon logo on its hat, because October happens to be National Breast Cancer Awareness Month--that time of the year when pink is more popular than the fall colors.

The word "Hope" is also embroided on the monkey's chest...which reminded Miss Iggy of that medical TV series "Chicago Hope." Breast Cancer research efforts also fuel hope for breast cancer patients in the search for the cure. How can one help? By volunteering or by joining fundraising efforts such as the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk that Miss Iggy joined recently.

Miss Iggy and Monkey

While waiting for her flight back to Newark at Chicago's Midway Airport, Miss Iggy thought that the pink suitcase is too small for both her and the monkey. But her kid seems to like to keep it as a pet.

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