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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bonjour from Cannes, French Riviera

Blue skies lined with so many 'jet streaks' .
Miss Iggy at the corner of Quai Laubeuf and Quai St Pierre.

A few weeks back, Miss Iggy found herself frolicking along one of the most best-known cities in the sunny French Riviera--Cannes. The verdict? Miss Iggy says 'Mabango!'(smells good)

Best known for hosting its annual Film Festival, Miss Iggy wandered around the festival complex and easily spotted favourites.

no point hiding under your sheets. the sun is shining, and the beach beckons. ahh. :)


fortuitous faery said...

yes, she CANNES! :P hey look, she found handprints, too! :)

thanks for the cannes postcard, by the way! j'adore!

fortuitous faery said...

just did a double take on that pink panther paw print! i loooove that classic cartoon!

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