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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Miss Iggy and women in media

Suosdei from Phnom Penh!
We have been very busy on this side of the planet, but Miss Iggy would like you to know that she's still fine and kicking. She attended the just-concluded international conference on women in radio and television that I organized. It was a chance not to be missed, to meet and interact with media women from 25 countries.

miss iggy conference

Miss Igorota listened to women from different countries talk about issues affecting women. Although there are cultural differences in the manifestations, she was surprised to learn that these issues are the same all over the world. For examples, women and child trafficking in India, domestic violence in Nepal and also the US, reproductive and sexual rights and female genital mutilation in Cameroon, women in conflict in the Philippines and Palestine, and so on.

Attending the conference, Khmer Iggy was amazed at the experiences shared by the participants, and made her think about how media is being used to improve the portrayal of women and to put forward women's agenda. Surely, the media women in Cambodia who participated in the conference benefited greatly from the experiences shared by other media women and collected support from them to improve their capacities in reporting and mainstreaming women's agenda through international exchanges.

Miss Iggy and IAWRT members
This is the official photograph of the conference participants. Can you spot where Miss Iggy is? Click here for a larger view.

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fortuitous faery said...

girl power! i see miss iggy even without enlarging the group photo! and there you are, sreisaat! woohoo! :)

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