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Friday, July 2, 2010

greetings from abra province!

miss iggy by abra's famous landmark, the tunnel in tangadan. if you pass through here you are now officially in abra!

here she is in front of one of the oldest private schools in the province. it's located beside the church in the province's capital, bangued.

she also enjoyed the sights of the rural landscape. here is a shot of a family using their tractor as a means of getting around the town. notice the pink umbrella used to shield themselves against the rain.

abra has been getting bad media publicity for a few years now due to the so-called rampant violence in the province, especially during the elections. the province has been known as the land of the triggerhappy, where offenses are dealt with gunshots instead of submitting the accused to the justice system. miss iggy wishes though that abra be known for other things, such as their native delicacy, the bunog:


bunog is a freshwater fish caught in one of the philippines' largest rivers, the abra river. it is so popular that the neighboring province of ilocos norte (a hot tourist destination spot) has been importing said fish from abra to serve to the tourists. there's also the udang (shrimps that look like little lobsters because they have claws) and the sinanglaw, plus the ever-present ilocano pinakbet.

there's more to a place than what the the tv reports say, miss iggy says.


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