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Monday, July 5, 2010

Hotdoggity! Nathan's Coney Island!

Every 4th of July, Nathan's in Coney Island, New York hosts a most gastronomical event of astronomical proportions: the International Hotdog Eating Contest.

This year, the Hotdog Champ is the undefeated winner from last year, Joey Chestnut. He wolfed down 54 hotdogs in buns in 10 minutes!

Located on Stillwell Ave., Nathan's Famous Hotdog restaurant in Coney Island started as a small hotdog joint by Polish immigrant Nathan Handwerker back in 1916. Today, Nathan's is a beloved American hotdog brand enjoyed the world over. Your Coney Island Boardwalk experience just isn't complete without having a bite of a Nathan's hotdog! Miss Iggy was here back in April, when it was still too cold to even stroll on the boardwalk!

And if you're an athletic eater, "Man vs. Food"-style, you might find yourself immortalized here in Nathan's Wall of Fame!

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