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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Goodbye Singapore

 It has been a blast being with you. Singapurple Iggy will miss all the fun you had together.

 (National Museum of Singapore: Favourite hang out)

We'll definitely miss your 'first times'--like that night race you've held in your ever-clean streets, where our 'pambato' (bet) won albeit the controversy (wow, who knew it got this exciting?).

And all the friendships we fostered, despite our anti-social 'front'.
(Miss Iggy likes 'em boy bands)

'excuse me, but is there wifi here?'
And free, public wifi all you want.

We'll meet again, Singapore.
Wander Iggy (formerly known as Singapurple Iggy)


fortuitous faery said...

What does WIFKASI (Wander Iggy Formerly Known As Singapurple Iggy) miss the most in Singapore?

Has the change in location finally fixed your blogging problems with Miss Iggy's blog?

Free wifi nationwide? Wow, if only we can have that in the Philippines too. Let's not forget the free stamped tourism postcards for international mailing! I loved those! :)

lauren said...

Haha, that last photo with the red laptop is amusing. Free wifi boosts national development! See Singapore, see!

The Becky said...

@conell- WIFKASI is torn between chicken rice and the greeat singapurrrr sale. hahaha
@lauren-indeed, lauren. indeed. :) oh but conell, there's free wifi now inside the malls in manila. just be ready to pounce on anyone intending to grab your gadget. isn't that nice?

Hilda said...

Miss Iggy looks great with her new boy friends. ;)

And are those pink tanks in the first photo??

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