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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wander Iggy sends her love from Amsterdam

 And hopes that Kylie makes up for her very loong absence in the erm...iggy scene. 

Together with the Becky and Panelomo, she's still in the process of settling down in her new habitus.

And window shopping is a daily past time. Welkom in Amsterdam!


lauren said...

Oh my goodness those books! I would really love having those here! :) How's Amsterdam at night, Miss Iggy? :D

fortuitous faery said...

Looks like Wander Iggy's having a magical time in Amsterdam! That red mannequin reminds me of George Michael for some reason. :p

The Becky said...

@lauren- you wouldn't believe it, but shops close at 5/6 pm everyday (thursdays, until 9). The 'coffee shops' and the 'windows' open late (the girls must have pulled all nighters) in midday, and close very late. I'm not into late night 'window wandering', so I do it after class, in the afternoon. hehe.
@conell- hey, it's kylie minogue. :P must be the police cap and all those velvet.

fortuitous faery said...

coffee shops don't open till midday?! they must not be morning persons, then! haha.

aaah, so there's a madame tussaud's wax museum in amsterdam, too! kylie minogue is working the dominatrix look. :P

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