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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Boracay Never Bores!

Jersey Iggy apologizes for posting her beach photos seven months late! But hey, beach fun is timeless fun! Here she is enjoying one of the many activities you can have while in Boracay, Philippines: island-hopping on a boat!


She was awestruck by this luxurious seaside resort in the paradise island of Boracay.


For the more adventurous, there's also snorkeling, parasailing, and deep sea-diving available around the island.


Back in the sandy shores, Miss Iggy saw a guy creating a sandcastle. They are made daily in front of certain business establishments with the date written on it. Tourists who wish to have a picture with these sand sculptures are expected to tip the sand artists.


Another thing Miss Iggy thoroughly enjoyed there was the Longsilog breakfast (Longganiza-Sinangag-Itlog), a combo meal of native sausage-fried rice-and fried egg goodness. This simple-looking dish was especially delish eaten right next to the sea with coconut breeze all around you. Miss Iggy savored every sausage slice with spoonfuls of rice!

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