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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pontifically and Royally Yours, UST

Jersey Iggy was quite impressed by the official bus of the University of Santo Tomas in Manila when she visited this oldest educational institution in the Philippines last June. It had tiger stripes on the side and the campus color combination of yellow and white.


Established in 1611, UST is officially known as the Pontifical and Royal Catholic University of the Philippines. One of Fortuitous Faery's professors once joked to her class that UST is the "only university recognized in heaven." Of course, he was being sarcastic.

UST will be celebrating its 400th Birthday next year, in the merry month of March, to be exact. There's a yellow Swatch Countdown figure to remind people of the time remaining until the big celebration!


This is what the clock looks like at night! 


UST observes some unique traditions in the campus, such as the recent Grand Living Rosary. Teachers and students participated in forming the beads of the rosary with their own presence while praying it. This year, the religious event drew in an estimated 24,000 people!

Miss Iggy thought that was a cool feat...cooler than this campus ice cream vending cart!


As she neared the iconic Arch of the Centuries structure, she knew in her heart she will be back there.

It comforted her to know that she has a resident twin in these premises in the form of Schoolgirl Iggy!

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