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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

miss iggy grows a moustache, joins a picnic at the park

With classes over (yay!), Schoolgirl Iggy went with some film photography-loving friends to the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife in Quezon City for a potluck picnic party and a fake moustache-themed photoshoot.  She hoped that the park would be more accessible than during Miss Iggy's previous visit in June last year.  She needn't have worried because luck was on her side--the park was open, the sky was bright, the wind blew a cool breeze, and her friends were there waiting with lots of delicious treats!

It was also the weekend that the Miss Iggy sisterhood would be taking a photowalk and shooting in film, and so Schoolgirl Iggy was so excited to have her photos taken with Lauren's Diana Mini and Nikon F80 cameras.

 Schoolgirl Iggy's contribution to the feast was a big pack of biscocho--crisp and crunchy bread topped with butter and sugar.  It went well with the pasta!

Hey look who has a moustache!

They had spaghetti, sweet corn, munchkins (donut holes!), iced tea, cake, and baby potato salad.

Bon apetit!

*BURP*  Schoolgirl Iggy was so full--but the party was just starting!  It was now time to show off their makeup moustaches!

 Such fine-lookin' ladies!

 What a handsome couple!

 My, what a big mouth you have, señor!

 She had on a sequined moustache--classy!

Schoolgirl Iggy had fun watching them take funny pictures of each other.

When the moustached hilarity died down, they decided to go to the lagoon.  It was full of aquatic plants.

 The view was really beautiful!

Miss Iggy also posed with all kinds of film cameras!
A Yashica rangefinder (the owner was kind enough to let Miss Iggy have her own!)

A Lomography Colorsplash camera and a Gakkenflex TLR

The four-lensed Actionsampler and a personalized Red Holga

 A blue Blackbird, fly and a Lomography Horizon Kompakt, which can shoot a cool panorama

 Miss Iggy is the best!

 The photographers liked Miss Iggy so much,

they requested to have pictures taken with her.

 She felt like a star!

Ooooh, a Polaroid!  Miss Iggy was very curious about it, so..

  she had her Polaroid taken with her friends (that's Lauren with the glasses!).

"Be careful, Miss Iggy!" Lauren exclaimed when she climbed a tree to enjoy the view of the park.  She was an expert in climbing, of course!
 And this is what Miss Iggy advises everyone, in support of the Prophecies of the Analogue Future.

 It is always important to take a breather and appreciate nature.

 Hey!  Miss Iggy and Lauren won a postcard in the picnic's raffle!  It says:
"Expect the unexpected and the excitement of experiment."  Cool! 

 Schoolgirl Iggy and Diana Mini

 film cameras lined up, along with posters of the Prophecies of the Analogue Future.


The park is one of the best places to relax in (next to her cool mountain home, she thinks).  Schoolgirl Iggy is looking forward to her next day out with friends!


Chris said...

hello! can we request for a new postcard from you miss igorota? :D

witsandnuts said...

That's so much fun!!! And I enjoyed checking the different cameras. :)

Sreisaat said...

Hi Lauren - I had fun looking at all your pictures. Khmer Iggy says the mustache is cool! Star-iray talaga si Schoolgirl Iggy at marami nang fans :)

gingmaganda said...

kaaliw naman ito! baka pwede naman kami sumama minsan sa ganyang klaseng mga activitiez! :)

sorry at absent sa photowalk. gladys issued me a TRO on account of my lingering illness and wasn't able to take a walk outside. boo.

wala bang may photowalk? :D

kayni said...

this post made me look for my film camera. now i need film...lol.

lauren said...

Thanks girls! The little schoolgirl is giddy and excited for the next walk. Miss gingmaganda we hope you're feeling much better :)

fortuitous faery said...

what a delicious photowalk this was! spaghetti! sweet corn! fake mustaches! an analog party! woohoo!

schoolgirl iggy sure knows how to celebrate the end of the schoolyear! and i see she's quite popular with your clickety clique, lauren!

Princess Ody said...

what a fun walk!

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