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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sandy Iggy loves Corniche

Sandy Iggy photowalk on 2 April 2011

Sandy Iggy avoids the outdoors lately because of the occasional sandstorm in the UAE. That's a signos that summer is approaching. While it doesn't hurt that much like in its neighbouring countries, it is best to always be armed by sunglasses and other protection. But Sandy Iggy misses the Corniche already. Gladly, the weather cooperated and granted that one fine day for the photowalk with her sisters.

sandy iggy

Corniche is a favorite of those who are fond of solitary and joint walks anytime of the day. At the back is one of the usual informational campaigns about the activities happening in Abu Dhabi. Surprisingly, it has no English translation. We've gotten used to seeing documentation of almost everything in Arabic with an automatic translation, side by side. (Even the subtitles in the cinemas which come in Arabic and French for English movies.)

Sandy Iggy and the late UAE president Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan
(That interesting architecture is a restroom.)

There are not too many billboards (yet) in the emirate. They normally pertain to government project announcements and information related to the royal family. That corner as you see in the photo is reserved for the late Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan, the first  president of the UAE. (Even non-Emiratis regard him highly because of  his selfless approach to governance in the past, even before and after the discovery of oil in the UAE.) Lately, the shift to billboard advertising seems to have started and so far being tolerated by the government.

sandy iggy in cornice

This fountain area is actually a part of the underpass. I haven't tried going down though.

sandy iggy

The tourists doing a whirlwind trip in Abu Dhabi frequent this side of the Corniche because it is near to the Heritage Village, Marina Mall, and Emirates Palace.

sandy iggy by the cornice beach

That's the skyline of downtown Abu Dhabi.

flower for sandy iggy

That's a distinct roofing style of the restaurants near the beach.  And ooops, Sandy Iggy had to stop. A young lady wanted to give her a flower.

sandy iggy in corniche beach

Sandy Iggy posed by the Corniche Beach. The flower came in perfect timing.

sandy iggy hanging by the tree

On her way out, she was startled... ran... and climbed! There was a barker!

sandy iggy and her new friend

Doggie: Sorry, I scared you. I wanted to know if you're human or not.

Sandy Iggy: Have you not met a doll before?

Doggie: I had. But I got confused because you have a baby. I didn't know dolls can have babies. 

Sandy Iggy: Hahahaha! Of course, that's possible. 

sandy iggy on the bed of flowers

After an interesting conversation, she found herself laying on the bed of... flowers. Errr, Sandy Iggy is not sure what kind of flowers are these.

sandy iggy on the bed of flowers

There is an abundance of not so familiar flowers in the UAE. But these are not homegrown.

sandy iggy
(That's Emirates Palace at the back where Sandy Iggy must head next. Captured, too, were those fishing and crabbing.)

The government has allocated funds for the maintenance of these plant/flower boxes. It is interesting to note that the flowers being planted change quarterly. Sandy Iggy cannot help but think of the balance in God's provisions. The well of oil and flowers don't come in one place. Life becomes more beautiful because we all need each other.


Brady said...

Very interesting.

fortuitous faery said...

Intricate as that public restroom may look, the shape still looks familiar and purposefully apropos. :P

What a nice stroll Sandy Iggy had in Abu Dhabi! I think we all share a common affinity for the beach no matter where we are. :)

lauren said...

What a beautiful beach, and a cute little doggie! :) This is THE way to "stop and smell the flowers"!

gingmaganda said...

lurvely photos! :)

Princess Ody said...

wow! i love the fountain area and the cameo appearance by the cute cute doggie! :)

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