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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Vienna Vixen Iggy walks around town

For the Miss Iggy photo walk on April 2, Vienna Vixen Iggy (a.k.a. Euro Iggy) armed herself with the Diana Mini camera and explored an area in Vienna's 2nd district.

Taking the U1 subway line, Miss Iggy got off at the Nestroyplatz
station.This station has been operating since 1979.

Not only did Miss Iggy enjoy the beautiful Spring day because of
the warm weather, but also because of the beautiful blooms and
cherry blossoms around the city!

She marveled at the beautiful old buildings in the area

Miss Iggy wasn't the only one enjoying the sunshine. She found
some bike enthusiasts testing bikes in front of a bicycle store.

Contributing to the relaxed vibe of the area are the many benches
around. Miss Iggy liked these ones at the actual Nestroyplatz.

There's a drinking fountain and a statue of Johann Nestroy facing them.

Miss Iggy and Mister Johann Nestroy, an Austrian author and comedian.

The old buildings made the street look like a period movie set!

Miss Iggy was amazed to find out that Theater Nestroyhof is more
than 100 years old.

Adding to the retro charm were closed/abandoned stores like this.

Closed laundry shop


Bull's eye

Hipster glasses


gingmaganda said...

wow! there's a statue for a comedian!

witsandnuts said...

I love your shots! Makes me want to have a Diana mini, too. ;)

kayni said...

this is a nice walk. i love it.

Princess Ody said...

@ging: it's not very obvious in his stance that he used to be funny though haha

@jo: thanks! :) get one, it's fun-sized and the pictures turn out really dreamy! :)

@kayni: thank you! :)

gingmaganda said...


oh goody, i hope you get one! i love the the mini size, it's very portable :)

lauren said...

such a beautiful sunny day at a picturesque place! i think the diana mini is a perfect match for this trip :) lovely pictures. <3

fortuitous faery said...

i hope they don't destroy nestroy's neighborhood as it has this quaint charm about it that does look like a movie set. and those giant glasses look a lot like ninoy's!

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