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Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunny Day Sketching

Aside from traveling, Schoolgirl Iggy shares a hobby with the members of Urban Sketchers Philippines: (you guessed it) sketching!

One sunny Saturday, Schoolgirl Iggy joined the group on their May sketch walk at the Quezon Memorial Circle Park in Quezon City.  The group gathered around the park's centerpiece, the 66-meter-high Quezon Monument.  (The late president and Quezon City founder Manuel L. Quezon was 66 when he died.)

chatting, sketching, swapping stories

Miss Iggy was glad to see so many young sketchers!

The view from Miss Iggy's perch...

...and the sketch she made with Lauren!

At around noon they started to pack up.

They arranged their works for display. 

Ta-da! Sketches by young and old, from different walks of life.  Beautiful, aren't they?

Miss Iggy was thrilled to spend the sunny morning with the Urban Sketchers of the Philippines (Urban Sketchers is an international network) and practice her sketching skills.  The group accepts anyone of any age--no art background needed!  

Miss Iggy's already looking forward to the next sketch walk, and she hopes there will be more joining them.  What will she sketch then, she wonders: an old house, children on bicycles, a truck?  Stay tuned!  

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