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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Miss Iggy at Ambon-Ambon Falls

Still on vacation, Schoolgirl Iggy went on a hike to Ambon-Ambon (in English, "Drizzle-Drizzle") Falls in the town of Talisay in Batangas.  To go there she had to hike down a hill...

...and go around some trees with interesting roots!

Every step was worth it, especially if this is your view.  Ahhh, to be away from the crowded, cemented city and be enfolded in the green canopy of the forest!  Miss Iggy felt like a fairy!

Oh look! There's a tiny water shower already, the falls must be near!

She asked a friend to help her look a bit closer.  The water was refreshingly cool.

Oh, is that it?  "Not yet, Miss Iggy," said her companions.  They continued to trek along the rocks some more...

Surely that must be it!

It's part of it. You're seeing the foot of the falls, Miss Iggy.  We'll stay here for a moment and have a little rest.  Did you pack any food?

Miss Iggy sure did, and made sure not to litter.  There was a garbage bag nearby.  She was glad that those coming here were so disciplined, making the water and the surrounding area clean.

After snacks she was ready to explore a bit more...
...and was soon able to see the top of the Ambon-Ambon Falls!  It was breathtaking.

According to locals, it was called the Ambon-Ambon Falls because if you got up there, you could feel the drizzling even if you're not standing under the waterfall.

It was fun taking a dip at the falls.  Miss Iggy hopes the beauty of the place would be preserved for the generations to come!


Aravamudhan Srivatsan said...

hahah this is fun to look at , esp the last pic :P U may want to tell Miss Iggy that the guy holding her is cute and apt fit for her :)

lauren said...

Hee hee, Miss Iggy blushes! Thank you!

George said...

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