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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Miss Iggy goes camping and befriends a rooster

Schoolgirl Iggy got busy during the summer break!  She and her friends made the most of the sunny weather to go camping at a farm.  She loves the outdoors and camping was a good opportunity to practice her survival skills.

Time to get up Miss Iggy! Make sure your tent's all zipped up when you leave--you wouldn't want any frogs climbing in while you're gone!

Good morning camp!  She sees her fellow campers getting ready for the new day.

Hohoho, look at that big guy!  The rooster woke up Miss Iggy with a big "Tik-ti-la-ok!"

'This is what we're having for breakfast, Miss Iggy," said her friend.

Fried tuyo (dried fish) smells so good!

Hmm, it's such a beautiful morning, I'll go see what the other campers are doing, thought Miss Iggy.

Not surprisingly, she saw them cooking their breakfast.  The campers were divided into groups, and they help each other out in the cooking, washing up, and keeping the campsite tidy.  City kids learned to cook using firewood.

Time to eat!  "Come have breakfast with us, Miss Iggy!" 

After breakfast Miss Iggy set out to look for her friend the big rooster.  The farm had a mini-zoo of wild animals, and she decided to ask around.

"Did you see my friend the rooster, Mr. Hornbill?" asked Miss Iggy.
"Sorry, child," he said, "he has not visited me yet this morn! When you find him can you tell him to drop by later?"  
"Sure! Thank you anyway!" said Miss Iggy, waving goodbye.  She turned around and immediately saw the...

Miss Iggy gulped.  "M-Miss Phyton, I w-was wondering i-if you've seen the b-big brown r-rooster..." she began.
"Have I sss-seen the big, fat, yummy-looking roossster, little one?  Why, yesss, I sss-saw him running along the other sss-side of the garden.  Go and find him and tell him to visssit me, I quite like looking at hisss plump--"
"Thank you, Miss Phyton!  I'll tell him!" shouted Miss Iggy as she quickly ran off.

Miss Iggy searched around the farm.  Suddenly she was startled by a whirl of feathers from above!

The pigeons came to rest in this pagoda-like birdhouse.

What a lovely house, she thought.  Near the lovely birdhouse was a lovely well.  She walked over to the well to take a closer look.

Coins!  That's a lot of wishes down there.  Miss Iggy flipped a coin, closed her eyes, and wished she could find her rooster friend soon.

When Miss Iggy opened her eyes, she saw:
Many, many roosters!  But her friend was not among them!

"Croo, croo," the pigeons up on the tree said, "our birds' eye-view saw your friend the big brown rooster roosting by the rabbits!"
'Thank you!" said Miss Iggy, "May your feathers never fall!" 

"Mr. Rooster! I've found you at last!"

"Oh, hello Miss Iggy, I was just saying hello to the bunnies. Will you walk with me back to camp?"

And so they did, and they enjoyed every step.  Miss Iggy was careful not to pass by the python corner, though.

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