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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Miss Iggy dares this volcano to go boom

Miss Iggy is kidding, of course--she doesn't want a catastrophe on her hands! Before she said goodbye to her summer vacation, Schoolgirl Iggy went on a trip to the Taal Volcano crater lake.  

What did she bring? Lots of sun protection and cameras, of course!

To get to the crater she had to get a boat ride to Volcano Island.

The dormant Binintiang Malaki

When they got to the island it was time to go hiking up to the lip of the main crater.

Nice view you have there, Miss.

The path to the viewpoint is well-worn.  Miss Iggy refused to ride a horse and decided to hike along with her friends.

In less than an hour they reached the viewpoint!

Miss Iggy ooohed and aaaahed at the majestic scene laid out before her.

She was tired after that long walk, so she went to this little stall for a refreshing coconut juice.  It's double the price up here!

Miss Iggy sat with this feline mother and child.

Be careful, Miss!  It's a long way down to the crater!

She had a view of the town of Talisay.

The refreshments stall also sold souvenirs.

Would you like a shirt, Mister Horse? she asked. He grunted.

Miss Iggy wanted a shirt but it didn't come in her size.

Miss Iggy gave the crater one last look.

Then hiked back down the mountain. She was careful of these rocks which had sulfur vents.  They were hot!

Next time, Miss Iggy decided, she was going to bring her own pony. 

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