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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Miss Iggy's Davao Days

Schoolgirl Iggy's break from school gave her the chance to attend one of the biggest annual Philippine festivals--the Kadayawan of Davao City. The festival's name derives from the greeting "Madayaw" from the Dabawenyo dayaw which means good and beautiful. :)

The highlights of the festival are the Indak-Indak Streetdance Parade and the Pamulak flower float parade which was held on the weekend. Since Miss Iggy arrived a few days early, she decided to take a look around the city and its neighboring island of Samal.

There were lots of posters and streamers about the festival. Miss Iggy liked the slogan "Ten Tribes, One Vibe" to reflect the unity amidst the different cultural backgrounds of the Dabawenyos.

Miss Iggy found these dolls in a mall exhibit. The dolls had on costumes of the ten tribes--the Ata Manobo, Ubo Manobo, Tagabawa, K'lata, Maguindanao, Matigsalog, Tausug, Sama, Kalagan, and Maranao. It made her more proud to be an Igorota!

A day before the big festival weekend, she took a break from the city and headed to Samal Island, where she found this beach. Miss Iggy had a great time relaxing and preparing herself for the festivities ahead.

On Saturday, it was time for the Indak-Indak streetdancing! It was actually a competition of schools and local government units. Miss Iggy couldn't take her eyes off the colorful costumes of the dancers!

Lots of bananas! Miss Iggy couldn't resist asking one of the 'banana boys' for a photo.

The kids worked really hard to perfect their steps but Miss Iggy felt sorry for them that they had to stay under the hot sun for an extended period. She hoped they had lots of water during the show and lots of rest after!

Look at all those bright colors!

And what are these?

They seem to be some kind of animal.

Ah! Horses! Right?

Fighting warriors ready to defend their kingdom.

And their beautiful princesses. Miss Igorota included, of course!

The following day was another feast for the senses--it was the flower float parade! 

Miss Iggy cozied up to a basket of durian, marang, and rambutan.

She didn't expect to see a helicopter!

Miss Iggy likes men in uniform. Here's a school's model army unit ready to parade!

An eagle with wings of leaves

coconut flowers!

big blossom, and a friendly frog (toad?)

Eeew a big mosquito! 

And the winner is...

This big float of dancers and giant tribespeople!

Miss Iggy was glad to discover that the guys making the giants move had hydration packs strapped to their back.

How many flowers can you see?

There were so many people lined up along the streets where the parade will go through.

It was a grand display, indeed.

This guy moves, the giant moves as well!

After the parade, Miss Iggy saw a fellow explorer!

The festivities wore Miss Iggy out, but she has her memories of the Kadayawan to amuse her while she regains her energy. Until the next trip!


jony said...

Desert Safari in Dubai perfect choice for the honeymoon surprise .

Beth Niquette said...

What a wonderful colorful trip you had! I loved the photo of the Princesses best. (grin)

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