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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Miss Iggy goes to Puerto Princesa


Schoolgirl Iggy--who's not in school anymore (she hasn't quite chosen a new name for herself yet)--traveled to the island of Palawan in Southern Luzon to enjoy its beaches, explore the famed Puerto Princesa Subterranean River (one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature!), and commune with the crocs.

She had fun strolling along the beach and feeding fish!

 That's the entrance to the subterranean river. Around 10 people can fit into a small boat. The boatman also serves as your guide in the cave, and he tells you where to look. He also occasionally reminds you not to say "aah" when you're in awe--"just say 'mmm!'"--because well, it would be better to find out yourself. :)

 The underground river tour took about 40 minutes. It was really nice, and Miss Iggy hopes the tourist attraction won't destroy the beauty of nature in the years to come.

These crocs are about a year old.

When one of the old crocs died, they made its hide into a wall decor. No bags, please.

This is the croc's skeleton.

Miss Iggy saw her future...

and she also made friends with Ella, the bearcat!

Miss Iggy had an awesome time in Palawan.

However, another thing happened.
Her baby ran away with the crocodiles!
One of the older crocodiles felt this was a sign that it was time for Miss Iggy to have a new companion, so she was given a baby crocodile to travel with.

Miss Iggy's excited to show you her crocodile Pawan (derived from Palawan, of course!) in her next travel post. Until then!

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