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Sunday, February 1, 2009

ice skating is permitted!

just down the street where jersey iggy lives is a lake where people can go ice-skating when it's frozen enough. finally, the sign announced that ice-skating is permitted! some people have been waiting for this sign all winter. jersey iggy had to see it for herself.

saturday's temperature dipped to 24 degrees f-f-fahrenheit (4 degrees celsius! but it felt more like subzero, really!), so it was no wonder that the town decided to let people ice-skate.

there were kids playing ice hockey. in new jersey, the ice hockey team to root for is the new jersey devils. it's hell on ice! hell yeah!

last summer, the lake looked like this:

today it looked like this:

jersey iggy wanted to hang around a bit more to watch the ice hockey players, but fortuitous faery's gloves weren't freeze-proof enough, so they hurried back home for fear of losing her fingers to frostbite. when you can't feel your fingers anymore, it's never a good thing! haha.


Marites said...

wow! that sure looks so cold! imagine ang lake naging hard ice! would love to try skating though.

Emila Yusof said...

wow! your iggy went places! what a great idea!

the donG said...

nice post. i just wish we get to experience the same thing here. or even at least in baguio. hahaha...

I am Harriet said...

Love the doll!

fortuitous faery said...

marites: yup, it was very, very cold! i tried ice skating there before but my sense of balance is horrible. i couldn't move an inch! haha.

emila and harriet: thanks for dropping by! :)

dong: if it ever snows in the philippines, that means global warming is at its worst! haha. wish instead to see real snow in north america or europe! :P

Dennis Villegas said...

wow daming napasyalan ni miss igorota ah! ;)

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