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Sunday, May 24, 2009

crystal-clear view at claridge casino hotel

last march, miss iggy had the privilege of enjoying a free night's stay at the claridge casino hotel in atlantic city, new jersey, thanks to fortuitous faery's grandfather's "total rewards" points. the more you play at their casinos, the more points you earn with your total rewards card towards free hotel stays and free buffets.

this was the view from her hotel room....a mirror image of her hotel building against bally's casino. and of course, the atlantic ocean....

partial view of the free standard room with two double beds. the fridge and tv set aren't within the frame, though.


Sidney said...

Feary's lolo is probably a big time gambler ! ;-)

Princess Ody said...

miss iggy is truly a VIP or (VID - very important doll?) to be getting all these perks! :)

fortuitous faery said...

sidney and ody: my lolo just happens to indulge in "casino therapy" every now and then. :P

the donG said...

nice modern structure.

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