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Thursday, January 29, 2009

ice, ice baby!

...alright stop! insulate and glisten! haha. these puns just keep invading conniechiwa's head.

anyway, jersey iggy would just like to report that her area was pounded with snowfall last night, followed by freezing rain, causing everything to have that icy-glacierized look.

however, it's the kind of precipitation that miss iggy hates. when roads and pathways get covered in "black ice" or "clear ice"...people easily slip and fall, sometimes in their own garages and yards. "black ice" is a misnomer, because it doesn't mean that it's black in color, but rather "transparent," allowing you to see right through asphalt roads as if there's nothing on it that can harm you.

but aesthetically, miss iggy thinks the ice looks like sugar frosting on the shrubbery.


escape said...

hahaha... perfect post title.

Princess Ody said...

love the spin on the lyrics of the ice, ice baby song! hahaha!

Dennis Villegas said...

cute naman pala nitong si missigorota!

fortuitous faery said...

dong and ody: thanks! haha. i sometimes sing that vanilla ice song on videoke...tongue twister exercise to the max! :P

dennis: salamat sa pagdaan! blush tuloy si miss iggy. :P

Princess Ody said...

aha! you just gave me an idea! another song to practice on videoke (because songs like that need a bit of practice before ther are to be performed in semi-public) haha

fortuitous faery said...

ody: yes, do try it sometime! haha...

"word to your mother!" :)

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