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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

isn't it grand?

this bustling train station, located on 42nd street and park avenue, serves commuters from upstate new york and connecticut. it's also an important historical landmark. miss iggy got a grand view of the afternoon rush hour activity here in the main concourse a couple of weeks ago.

grand central is also a subway stop which serves multiple lines including the "S" shuttle train which will take you straight to times square in no time.

aside from being a transportation hub, there are different shops, a post office, and a dining area downstairs to keep the transient traveler on the go. and for the shutter-happy tourists, the architecture inside provides plenty of photo ops. the ceiling is a celestial display of painted constellations!

the huge american flag was hung over the main concourse shortly after the september 11 world trade center tragedy.

the main concourse is a popular meeting place. it's also where you can find the ticket booths to various train destinations.

if you're in manhattan from march 24-april 6, drop by grand central terminal and check out the free exhibit featuring BMW art cars in vanderbilt hall. miss iggy wants to go! :)


escape said...

wow! i think she's the most traveled katutubo.

Anonymous said...

Its been a while since I left NYC. I miss the city,the efficient subway system, but not the snow. Have a nice week!

Shey said...

Been there last December to visit friends. It's good that Miss Iggy's enjoying the sights.

Sidney said...

Indeed...Grand !

fortuitous faery said...

dong: katutubong manika! :P

ebie: thanks for dropping by! snow is part of the many things that makes new york, "new york!"

shey: really? that's nice! thanks for visiting! and yes, she's enjoying the sights a lot!

sidney: yes! she's having a grand time! :)

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