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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

miss iggy at the strawberry farm


miss iggy at the strawberry farm in la trinidad, benguet, philippines. this is where she was originally acquired and she's now right back from where she started from! all sorts of strawberry products can be found here such as jams, wines, ice cream, candies, and of course, the freshly-picked fruit. there are also other sundries such as woven textiles, plants, souvenir shirts, bags and yes- iggy dolls!


another benguet staple is the "walis" or broom. people who go to baguio, benguet's prime tourist trap, often bring home these brooms as gifts to friends or family or for their own houses.


top left corner: everlasting flowers, which are supposed to, well, last for ever.


freshly-picked strawberries. yum.


strawberry jam.


strawberry ice cream with strawberry bits.


escape said...

oh wow! we were there two weeks ago.

Princess Ody said...

i think i want that ice cream with strawberry bits!

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