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Friday, May 29, 2009

tim hortons is canada's cup of joe

when it comes to coffee, "america runs on dunkin'," the philippines is starry-eyed over starbucks, and canada craves tim hortons!

tim hortons was first opened in 1964 in hamilton, ontario by this famous canadian hockey player after whom the chain is named. tim hortons is probably canada's national coffee-and-doughnuts place. there's one in almost every corner when you're in maple leaf territory! lucky for miss iggy, she doesn't have to cross the border to enjoy tim hortons...this one was at buffalo, new york when she was driving back from niagara falls.

other states where you can find a tim hortons include pennsylvania, michigan, maine, rhode island, connecticut, ohio, west virginia, massachusetts, and kentucky. none in jersey! miss iggy is miffed. she's a fan of their muffins, you see. buffalo is waaaay up there in upstate new york!

what's your cup of joe?


*lynne* said...

Back in Malaysia, I was totally addicted to Coffee bean and Tea leaf - here in the US it's only available in the West / Southwest... none in Chicago - waaaaaaaaaah! Starbucks doesn't even come close!!!

fortuitous faery said...

It really is frustrating when you can't find your food/caffeine fix in your own zip code, or at least in the neighboring towns!

Anonymous said...

I miss timmy's too!! Cream cheese bagel.... i'm salivating right now...

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